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City or Community Organizations

A Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) or Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is an organization that promotes a town, city, region, or country in order to increase the number of visitors. It promotes the development and marketing of a destination, focusing on convention sales, tourism marketing, and services.

Such organizations promote economic development of a destination by increasing visits from tourists and business travelers, which generates overnight lodging for a destination, visits to restaurants, and shopping revenues and are typically funded by taxes. Convention and Visitor Bureaus are the most important tourism marketing organizations in their respective tourist destinations, as they are directly responsible for marketing the destination brand through travel and tourism "product awareness" to visitors. DMOs produce billions of dollars in direct and indirect revenue and taxes for their destinations' economies with their marketing and sales expertise.

Destination marketing organizations are often called travel, convention, visitors, or tourism bureaus, welcome centers, information centers and more. Regardless of the name, these organizations offer many services to the traveling public.

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